Five Black Hat USA courses that caught my eye, (#5 won’t shock you at all!)

Five Black Hat USA courses that caught my eye, (#5 won’t shock you at all!)

Seems like a long way away but believe it or not preparations for Black Hat USA 2023 are well underway!

In particular tickets for Black Hat’s highly sought after training courses are already on sale and doing brisk business. Was preparing for my course, building a high value access scanning program, I’ve had a little chance to look over some of the courses on offer and I thought I’d pick out some of those that caught my eye.

#1 Get Ready, for Ransomware!

Let’s start off with a problem that is absolutely plaguing this industry. Ransomware is just everywhere and all organizations big and small are affected. It’s also an attack type where reacting fast and effectively can make or break the response.

The “Ransomware Response Boot Camp” will give you the opportunity to practice that in a safe environment and Sherri and Matt have loads of great experience in this area so them up on this before it’s too late!

#2 Up in the Clouds…

Cloud now seems to have become one of the main frontiers in organisational IT and where IT systems go, the hackers will follow. Unsurprisingly, compared to a traditional environment cloud offers its own challenges but also its own opportunities for security defence.

The “Adversarial Cloud Incident Response” course brings together two guys (Rich and Will) with shedloads of experience building and defending cloud environments, and they’re going to use this experience plus some great sounding hands on exercises to get you doing that as well.

If you need to defend a cloud environment, go check them out!

#3 Canary in the Coal-mine

So, you just picked up probably the most cost-effective but valuable piece of security hardware on the planet. Now, why don’t you use some of the money you saved to get an absolute masterclass from the people who built it with the “Deception Engineering: Building and Deploying Canaries and Canarytokens in your Enterprise” course?

Oh and did I mention that each of the trainers (Haroon, Casey, Jacob and Marco) was a legend in the security industry even before they started at this company so any interaction with them is going to be super valuable anyway.

If network defence is your day job, hit them up today!

#4 The weakest link in the chain…

The AppSecEngineer/we45 team have taken the application security education by storm over the last few years with a seemingly unending chain of new courses in the application security and DevSecOps space. This year at Black Hat USA, their illustrious leader Abhay Bhargav is back with one of their newer courses, “Attacking the Application Supply-Chain: 2023 Edition“, helping you understand how to defend the application supply chain by attacking it.

Abhay is a great trainer who has delivered courses at Black Hat for many years now as well as all over the world and if you worried are about build system and supply chain security, look no further than this hands-on course!

#5 Last but not least…

Finally, did you know that I’m presenting a course at Black Hat USA as well? (I may have mentioned it a couple of times on my social media profiles…)

Having helped various organisations to get more value from their SCA, SAST and DAST tools, I’ve built a training course to help you as well. The focus is on building effective organisational processes and a methodological approach to triage to streamline this function and let you spend more time on more interesting, proactive activities.

I’ve already delivered the “Building a High-Value AppSec Scanning Programme” course at multiple conferences and for private clients and each time it gets great feedback from attendees who love the blend of lecture sessions and group activities to give them practical ideas and approaches they can take back to their day jobs.

If you are looking to get better value from these tools and work more efficiently, this is the course for you!

You can see more information in my dedicated blog post, contact me directly, or watch the video below. I hope to see you there!